Monday, October 26, 2009

Spelling Lessons

My Jed has learned that just about any time we spell something out loud, it means that spelled item is very, very desirable. For example, imagine we are traveling from one boring activity to another in the car. I may say "Daddy, should we go for i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m tonight after the whatever?" Michael would frown, look confused and spell it back to himself several times before figuring out what I mean. Jed, however, will perk up his ears and with shining, eager eyes proclaim loudly from the back seat "YES, MOM, we should have some R-F-J-T-I-Z!"

He even knows what m-i-l-k spells so now we have to spell it l-e-c-h-e.

Another popular one is repeating what few letters he remembers. "Michael, should we give Jed an s-a-u-s-a-g-e for dinner or should he just be forced to eat this disgusting pumpkin concoction I've created?" Jed pipes up "Jed should have some s-u and s-u-s-a and s-a-s-a-s!

I confess that at this point I've started purposely spelling things just to hear what stream of letters will emerge from his darling little mouth. Yesterday, as I made dinner, I told Jed, "Zoe is crying. Go give her some TLC." He ran over and smoothed her head and patted her tummy. "Mom, she is OK. I gave her some S-R-T-M-A."


Mike and Emily said...

Can Jed give me some S-R-T-M-A?

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wagstaff said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! And LOVE HIM- How could you not?!

Rachael said...

Darling kids! I love reading your blogs. They're so genuine and personable!

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness how cute and funny. Sometimes I wonder why we don't end up dying from laughter at what our kids do!

MomAlicia said...

Will you please organize your posts into chapters and publish a book? Thoughtful, touching, eloquent, and very funny, that's what your writing is my dear. And we have more than one talented writer in this family-you all know who you are. Love it and love you, all of you!