Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yup, she's doin' it. Cutest rump in town.

With increased mobility comes improved cleanliness. There's a lot more vacuuming going on around here these days. This morning we caught Jed feeding Zoe vitamin wrappers. Um, thanks Jed. We had a small educational session following that about what babies can and cannot eat. He really picked up on the part where I gave him permission to grab it from her hands and say "NO, Zoe, you CAN'T EAT THAT!" Bossy-ness is very motivating for a three year old. The role-playing went well. Now Jed is watching her like a hawk for opportunities for older-sibling correction.

Jed finally figured out how to ride his tricycle in the basement this past Saturday. Unfortunately, his distraction level is so high he rarely gets more than a few feet before he's clambering off to shout orders or investigate other, potentially more fun and destructive, activities.

Today I caught Jed giving Zoe a blessing. She was crying and he wanted her to feel better. I'm not sure the vigorous head rubbing helped her mood, but it sure was cute.
Jed's really into his "scripture stories" from the nursery manual each morning. Guess he actually is paying attention while smearing honey toast all over his face.

Jed's been awfully cranky of late, so we've cut out afternoon Sesame Street (Yes, deeply saddening because now I have to cook dinner with him underfoot, but seriously, the obnoxious whining that television imparts just isn't worth it.) Also, during Zoe's nap each morning we do "homeschool time." Our latest project centers around the book "The Mitten" that he got for his birthday. I found this unit study and he's been thoroughly enjoying coloring and reenacting the story, "sewing" up a mitten, hiding stuffed animals in a "mitten" sleeping bag, etc. I enjoy it as much as he does. And he seems more cheery all day after some one-on-one Mother/Son time.

This past week we had the "Sister Stanfill Show." Since both my counselors had sick families and the music leader was out of town, my mother-in-law and I put on every last bit of Primary and the kids got a real kick out of that. (To her credit, my secretary did everything not in "the show" on her own, she is amazing and deserves celestial blessings and running shoes for pulling it all off!) In happy news, nearly all my callings are filled and we are settling in. Whew!

Snow snow and more snow. Not a lot, but continual. Isn't it Spring yet? Because I'm tired of green snot and fidgety children.


Jan said...

You have seriously brilliant children

Carrie said...

I love all the changes! Sounds like life is pretty exciting out there. If you want spring, come visit us in San Fran. The weather seems to be changing from constant rain to beautiful brisk days.

Mike and Emily said...

I love it! I wanna see pictures of it all!