Friday, February 12, 2010

True Love Takes Care of Me

Recently, Michael announced over the dinner table that he decided it's time we stop using the credit cards. Turns out he has been surreptitiously listening to Dave Ramsey (a favorite of mine) at work and finally became convinced that the borrower really is a slave to the lender. Not that we have ever been irresponsible. We didn't even have a credit care the first year or two of our marriage, and after we did get one Michael has scrupulously paid it off every month. But getting rid of it altogether sure will be nice. He just wants our family to be as safe and financially secure as possible.

Because he loves me and wants to take care of me, my husband asked that we institute a budget. He hates budgeting. But he hates our car payment more and he loves me. So we're working together to pay it off early. He leads the way.

Because he loves me and wants to take care of me, my husband comes home after a long day at work and does homework until 10, or 11, or midnight. He doggedly works at it because he wants the very best for me and our children. I am grateful.

Because he loves me, my husband gave me a bonus. That's right -- for my excellent work at home, I deserved it, he said! For his efforts this year he got a few small bonuses at work, and he always maintains that I deserve it more. Isn't he the Best Husband Ever?! Not that he ever wouldn't let me have what I wanted, but I'm such a miser I can't ever spend anything on myself. So I used the cash allotted and bought myself a darling pair of brown Mary Janes that I can put my orthotics in, thus making Crazy Primary Sundays all that more enjoyable! (Don't worry, I got them 66% off. Sweet deal, huh?)

Having Michael at the helm of our family finances gives me a deep sense of peace and security. I see how hard he works and how much he wants our family to financially succeed. I will ever be grateful that he is willing to sacrifice so many of his own wants so I can have the life I always dreamed of, home with my children. He fulfills his role as father with manly willingness and righteous leadership. I am proud to call him the patriarch of our family. He fulfills the patriarchal role exactly as the Lord says he should, with love, humility, gentleness, kindness, all unfeigned and straight from his heart.

My True Love takes care of me.

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C Tam said...

Ah, how great minds do think alike. We do the Dave Ramsey thang as well.