Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 3 Years!

Three years ago this week, in a quiet, dark room, a pair of large eyes looked into mine, a spirit gazing up at me so familiar and yet so new. Just past midnight, on February 2nd 2007, Jed joined our family. He changed our lives, this new, serene, happy little man, my very best buddy. He's become my closest companion. Grocery shopping seems dull without his clever grin and cart-hugs. Cooking isn't nearly as fun without a little assistant to "dump it in!" The house seems lonely quiet without his constant stream of cheery chatter. Lunch tastes better when accompanied by his fanciful tales and wry observations. Even after just a few hours of separation, I think I'm just as excited as he is to be reunited. Nothing like a flying hug and a wet smooch on the cheeks from that sweet little red rosebud mouth.
We love you, Perry Jed Stanfill!

And of course Jed's very best friend, "My Zoe."


leah said...

Those cup cakes look so yummy! Happy birthday little Jed.
Hey Vanessa what kind of camera do you have? Please e-mail me

Carrie said...

Yummy! Happy Birthday Jed. What a cutie. Oh, I also LOVE the pics of Zoe in the sink.

Mike and Emily said...

Happy Birthday to the Jedster! WE love him!