Saturday, October 22, 2011


Jed adores Zane, still, and loves to have photos taken of them together.
Even when they both get distracted, they seem pretty happy together.
A couple days ago, during quiet time Jed volunteered to "babysit" Zane for me while I took a nap. I wrapped Zane up in his blankie, strapped him into his bouncy seat, popped a binky in his mouth and figured he'd be asleep in five minutes. As I lay in my bed, I could hear Jed softly singing "Baby, baby..." and telling a little story to Zane. I fell asleep, cuddled up in bed with Zoe.
Then I was shaken awake by Jed, whose eyes shone with excitement. He jumped up and down, dying to tell me that "Mom, I taught Zane how to love cars and trucks and diggers and everything! Can you believe it?! He really likes it, Mom!" Jed dragged me into the bedroom, and sure enough as he knelt down and with shining eyes held up some little trucks, cooing at the baby, Zane looked up at him and a humongous smile crept across his tiny face. "Look, Mom, he loves it! His little toes are kicking he's so happy!" And sure enough, they were.

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