Tuesday, October 25, 2011

General Conference Saturday

General Conference weekend we moved out our old (huge) piano, moved in our new (small) piano, reorganized the living room, and then set up in the corner our essential "General Conference Tent." As you can see, even though the room was spotlessly clean at one point that morning, we all settled in quickly.  Notice I am the only one in the children's Conference Tent.
I was pooped after moving all that furniture! (Not to mention cleaning under the couches, which I do fairly often but it's still a daunting task.)
The tent was not spacious, and at one point we all HAD to get in it together which involved a lot of poky body parts and giggling. We didn't get much out of Elder Uchtdorf's talk, but we sure did have fun. :) Thank goodness for Conference magazines and podcasts, eh?
Zoe and I painted our toenails to celebrate.  She LOVES painted toes!
What a great Saturday!

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