Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Visit to the Orchard

This year, instead of preschool, we are doing "Friday FunDay" where we invite a bunch of friends with preschool/toddler aged kids to come with us on a fun activity. I've been surprised how popular it is and we usually have 20-25 moms and kids show up.  This past Friday I set up a visit to a local orchard where we get our CSA. The weather was warm and beautiful and we had the most marvelous time.

Jed has a little buddy named Sophia who just moved into town from Connecticut. They are inseperable lately, so since I forgot a camera I asked her mom to send me some photos, and she did! They are so darling!

Jed and Sophia running in the corn maze.

Running!  My philosophy is that when the weather is nice we should spend every FunDay doing as much running as possible.
Holding hands.  He's such the ladies man.

Discussing which pumpkin we should take home.  By the end of the day, Jed had made a heap of pumpkins in front of our car, one for each member of the family and sorted by size.  He did a pretty great job, actually, we ended up getting all but one (I demanded the right to pick my own pumpkin!)

See saw and 'wing! (as Zoe would put it.)
We took a hayride through the orchard.  When the tractor pulled up with the trailer Jed came tearing around the corner to where I was sitting, screeching with delight.  I think his voice went up about three octaves.  He was the FIRST in line to get onboard!  And he was a big boy, he climbed the ladder on and of all by himself, a fact he was proud enough to recall and report to his dad later that evening

All of us on board.  Zane wasn't quite as thrilled but he was his usual quiet peaceful little self.

Zoe learning about peach trees and where the flowers come from. 

A whole gaggle of tiny girls in pink shirts attended this activity, and she kept running off with the pack of them (me: Has anyone seen Zoe?  Someone: Yeah, I saw her run into the corn maze. Oh, great. A few minutes later she came running out, red cheeked and giggling with a group of little girls and, fortunately, another mom who is better at keeping track of pink toddlers than I am.)  By the end of the day, her cheeks and face were so red it looked like she was going to pass out from too much fun and sun!

PS - If you are a local friend and would like to come with us on Friday FunDay, just let me know!

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Mike and Emily said...

Looks like so much fun. Can I come too? Pretty please?