Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of No School

In honor of the first day of school, we spent the whole morning outside working in the garden.

While we were in Montana, our garden got a little wild!  Here's what we saw when we came home:

So last week, Jed and I got to work cleaning it out (it actually wasn't that bad, it only took an hour or so to clean everything out except the tomatoes.)
Then today we dug, hoed, planted, watered, and generally had a marvelous time until it looked more like this:

This is our first attempt at a "fall" garden.  Today we planted lettuce, spinach, peas and beets.  Tomorrow we will plant our soaked bean seeds.

After we finished in the garden, we got out our new Nature Journals. Jed and Zoe loved narrating what they did that day in nature and then they drew photos to illustrate. Zoe's first page was grass around a house that she was watering.  Jed drew a yellow tomato on a vine.

On this page Jed drew himself hammering in a stake for our pea trellis.
 Happy "Not-Back-to-School" day!

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