Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Appliance Suicide

Our appliances have all entered into a suicide compact. First the dryer went out. After a couple weeks of tinkering and waiting, we got the part and Michael was able to fix it himself. Then a week later the washer stopped working. Three days later I woke up to a warm refrigerator and wet, leaking freezer. Then later that day, Zoe decided to see what happens when you cook a rice bag in the microwave for 99 minutes. Turns out, it is pretty spectacular.

Pretty sure Michael has developed a rational fear of unexpected middle-of-the-day phone calls from home.

So now we have a new washer! A newly repaired dryer! A new microwave on top of the fridge where little hands can't reach! And for some reason the fridge started working again -- we don't know why but we're just gonna roll with it for now.

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C Tam said...

We toasted our rice bag in the microwave too! Burned black char. It was our little boy's comfort object and I had to make a replacement quickly but ended up doing a lentil bag instead of rice. It has a lighter texture and holds heat just as well.

haha, and we kept our microwave on top the fridge at our last apartment.