Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

This place is incredibly beautiful.
Also, it is incredibly wet.  Nearly 90 inches of precipitation per year, as I recall.  When we first arrived at the park, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and none of us bothered to bring a jacket (besides Zoe, who has a thing for jackets and this very evening asked to sleep in her furry winter coat.)  Sadly, we did not carefully read the papers given to us when we arrived at the park, which said to always bring a jacket.  Nor did we take much note of the ridiculous tourists wearing their ridiculous ponchos.  Well let me tell you we learned our lesson.  At first the hike was perfection. 

The kids had a blast playing around on the trail.

Hiding in old hollowed out trees:

Holding hands and singing hiking songs together:

And at last, we reached the waterfall!  Remember I promised Jed waterfalls?

What you can't tell from Michael's exellent photography is that in this photo it is POURING.  Raining down in absolute buckets that soaked through us in seconds, and twenty minutes later it was still just buckets pouring down our backs and in our eyes and soaking through our lunch as we tried to eat it huddled beneath an overhanging tree.  

It poured and poured and poured until we finally gave up and headed home.

About halfway back, the sun emerged and everything returned to its sunny, mountain splendor.

Next time I'm bringing a poncho!

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