Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great Smoky Mountains Cabin

 This year, Michael and I vowed, we WILL take a family vacation!
So we did!
We chose a popular destination for locals -- the Great Smokey Mountains.

We rented a little "Camping Cabin" that was perched on the edge of a hill overlooking Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
 We had a little porch that looked out into the canopy of the surrounding trees, and Jed immediately dubbed it "The Birdhouse."  We loved that porch, and waking up to this is the greatest feeling in the world:
 Nothing like cards and hot cocoa while we wait for the boys to wake up.

Because it was May, we essentially had the entire RV/cabin park to ourselves.  The last day I saw one person in the bathroom and we both jumped and screamed in surprise.  It really felt like we had the whole town to ourselves! Seriously, staying in a place where you can think "I guess I'll just sit out here on the porch in my underwear" is my kind of vacation.
The kids loved having a pool and playground just down the road.

... except when baby brother steals all your fun.  ha ha!

I was very proud that I cooked all our food on this vacation -- I brought a bunch of pre-prepared ingredients, my crockpot and my griddle.  We ate like kings, and saved hundreds of dollars.  Everything on our vacation went perfectly just as planned, a rare and delightful thing.  The cabin was perfect, the weather was perfect, the kids were perfect, the food was perfect.  It was heaven!  We loved our cozy cabin adventure!

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