Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4.4 Days

Michael and I sat down and calculated yesterday how many miles we are going to save by moving. Our new home is in a lovely location, right smack in the middle between Evansville, where Michael works downtown, and Newburgh, a bedroom community of Evansville and the "nice" place where everyone is moving these days. We also happen to be smack dab next to the church.
Here are the distances to our most oft-visited locations from our old apartment:
Home to Work – 14.7
Home to Church – 6.8
Home to Walmart - 5.6
Home to Parents - 5.0

Here are our current distances and the differences:

Home to Work – 9.8 – Difference = 4.9 x2 x5 = 49 Miles
Home to Church - 1.3 - Difference = 5.5 x4 x 2 = 44 Miles
Home to Walmart - 3.9 – Difference = 1.7 x 2 = 3.4 Miles
Home to Parents - 8.9 – Difference = -3.9 x1 = -3.9 Miles

Therefore, we save:

92.3 Miles a week
370 Miles a Month
4799.6 Miles a year

And at current gas prices (I paid 3.16/Gal this morning) that would be an average savings of 572 dollars a year, which is awfully close to one mortgage payment. Not too shabby.

Also taking into account the time that we save by not driving those extra distances, we regain 106 hours of our life, or approximately 4.4 days of 24x7 driving.

Also, because we are so close, Michael will more than likely start biking to work and Vanessa to Church for her weekly activities, saving another 100-130 miles a week. Hot Dog!


Katie said...

You must be from Montana or something if you think 1.3 miles is 'next to' the Church ;-) Growing up in Utah, 1 mile away was the next Region! OK, I'll admit that we live about 1.5 miles away from our church, and we're in Provo. . .

Brooke said...

You got gas for 3.16 today? I'm disgusted that that sounds like a good price!

Adamzes said...

Yeah, gas here was 353....and change yesterday and that was the cheaper station! Ugh. You sound like you live in a good little community, have fun!! Remember when we rode bikes all over Nauvoo? It's good for those thighs! ;)

Chelsea said...

Hot-Diggity-Dog for sure!!! Dang right you are from MT too and are only A MILE from church-isn't that just crazy to be able to walk to church!??! I feel like I could be a story out of the Friend or New Era now :] hee hee hee

That is so exciting about being so close to everything and saving soo much money and time! You guys are so smart to figure it all out. Gas is outrageous and so depressing. I'm walking to work now too and looking for bike. I can't wait to buy a bike!!!! I hope you are getting all settled and having a blast. Are you going to garden this year? I'm going to start planting this week already-can you believe it!??! I'm behind though compared to my aunt, darn it! Good luck w/ everything!

Love, Chelsea

Tysha & Jacob said...

Way to rock it! We're all about saving time, energy, and money! By the way - gas for 3.16?! Oh, yeah, you're in Indiana! (Here in Seattle it's 3.70+ these days! Yikes!)

Shiloh said...

I love that you calculated this! :)
Good thing you guys bought a house so you could save time and money!
I got gas a Costco in Provo earlier this week for 3.17 (just so you can compare gas prices around the country!)

Leisa said...

WOW you have a lot of time on your hands to figure that out!!

NessaAnn said...

Yep, we got our gas at Sam's Club (the unfortunate equivalent of Costco here...I miss Costco...) and hence the cheap price. We easily make back our membership fee this year!

Didn't take any time at all! We did it for our FHE activity this week. Geeks, I know.

YES, I started my garden a week and a half ago! I also have little tomato and eggplant starts in my front window. Oh boy! I'm so happy it's spring at last. Spring is GORGEOUS here, I need to post some photos!

Rachel said...

You are hilarious! I miss you so much. It's so good to "see" you via your blog!
You're moving again already? I absolutely loathe moving. Good luck on the move!
Jed has skinny, skinny legs! He's a cutie!

MKShelley said...

Our gas is at 3.45. I WISH it were 3.16. And we're in Indiana too, so I thought for our gas prices would be similar.

Tania said...

As well as saving money & time, you get to help save the planet. Nice.