Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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Chelsea said...

Are you HERE or THERE!?!??!?!? I hope you are here, I bet your Mom is just estatic! You girls look soo cute. I love your hair styles-they are way cute and perfect for summer. How cute! All of these photos are super cute too. Can you believe how fast your baby is growing and changing!?!?! He's darling. I hope you have a blast w/ your family. I'm glad you and your house are ok after that earthquake-I was thinking about you when I heard about it and wondered if you felt it. :] And you did........yikies! Well have a blast....oh you girls have any good ideas for stupid deer repellent? They came and ate all of my NEWLY planted Panies and almost ready to bloom tulips!!!! I am sooo mad-I going to get Austin to come shoot them! :] hee hee JUSt Kidding People! I only wish! Enjoy your gardening and playing!

Love, Chelsea

Mike and Emily said...

Love the pictures, Nessa! Keep posting. He's totally become a little man. I'll send you pictures when I have a minute. Love you guys!

Ali Howell said...

What a big boy!!!