Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Saturday morning Baby Jed had his first foray into the great out of doors! Mommy put his coveralls over his nice clothes and sent him out on the front lawn to help Daddy dig through the dirt piles leftover from the new well installation. Jed wasn't so sure about the mud sticking to his hands (we are learning that there is ALWAYS mud in Indiana) but he loved being outside and chucking dirt clods around! He is so male, it is scary.


Brooke said...

No dirt eating?? The warm weather has been SOOOOO nice :)

Carrie and Aaron said...

Jed is absolutely adorable! I love the squeaky shoes. It looked like Jed likes them too!

leah said...

Venessa you are such a cute mom. I loved hearing your voice on that video.
Our son is the same way. It is so crazy. I often wonder where he gets it but I am convinced he was born that way.