Sunday, April 6, 2008

Must be Married

Today, while brushing my teeth, I picked up our latest Car and Driver magazine for some light bathroom reading. I ran across a funny article about the latest concept cars ("inspired by a rice cooker") and trotted into the living room to share it with Michael. My darling husband was lounging in the living room, keeping an eye on the ball of destruction, with a magazine of his own. "Hey, look at this!" he said. He held up his hippie "Mothering" magazine and pointed at a photo of a pair of twins tandem nursing while holding hands. "Isn't that adorable?!"


Ali Howell said...

I absolutely love this!!! Not just married, but parents! any unmarried man would have been shocked and apauled, and any unmarried woman would have probably not had ready access to a car magazine...let's be honest! But i just love that you were doing it at the same time! What a perfect couple!

Queen Bee said...

Nice to "meet" you again Vanessa, I'm visiting from Shiloh's blog. We LOVE that magazine. Mothering I mean, not Car and Driver. Funny story, the same things happens at our house!
Where in Indiana are you guys? That's not too far from Ohio!

And HEY ALI! It's funny when people you know, know each other.

a Tom said...

This is delicious. I can just picture Michael saying that. In my mind it kind of plays out like a sitcom, with laugh track included.