Friday, January 16, 2009

A Bulleted Christmas Recap

After more than a month of absence, and many many desperate pleas for photos, at last we return to the blog.

December proved exceedingly busy for us. The first half of the month included but was not limited to:

- Vanessa performing at the community Creche exhibit hosted at our church
- Michael hosting
- Primary Choir performing
- Christmas dinner parties with beloved friends

The second half of the month included but was not limited to:

- Vanessa's 10 hour cross-country flight, complete with morning sickness, stomach flu, a barfing toddler, and the joy of reaching her mommy and daddy's waiting arms.
- Michael's 6 hour cross-country flight in which he was bored. (I'm not bitter.)
- Eating approximately 7,634 different kinds of delicious Dowdle treatas
- Participating in the traditional Dowdle Clan Wrestling Match, bowling, Meet the Gurl, and Christmas Bingo
- Jed restricting himself to a diet of purely whipping cream and cookies
- Being snowed in, pointing and laughing as Christmas traffic careens down ice-coated hills.

The last bit of the month and New Year included but was not limited to:

- Festivities with the entire Stanfill Clan which is growing at lightning speeds
- Continuing spoiling of the Jed by Aunties and Uncles galore
- Throwing a New Years Primary bash
- Withdrawl as it all came to the end and we faced another round of Regular Old Life.

And now, as per the racketing demands of beloved friends and family, THE PHOTOS.

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