Monday, January 19, 2009

Animal Diapers

This morning I made Jed a little pull car for his stuffed animals. I took a small box and attached a 4 foot long string, then made a pull handle. The "'Ar!" immediately captured his fancy. He ran around the house, Cat, Frog, Snake, and Baby careening madly behind him and occasionally tumbling over and out, much to his hooting pleasure.
After a bit, an unpleasant scent wafted towards the kitchen. Ugh! Not again! "Jed, do you need a diaper change? Do you have poo-poos in your diaper?" He looked up at me seriously. "Pu pu." And then off running with the pull car behind him. I grabbed a batch of freshly stuffed and folded cloth diapers and called him into the living room. He sidled up, still unconvinced that this disruption to his play was really essential. I held up the bright blue diaper and shook it at him. I patted the changing mat. (Aside: I knew this would be a messy one! Lately he's a total prune addict. Earlier this week, when I was in the other room folding laundry, he climbed up on the barstool and ate half a big container of prunes that I'd left on the counter. The next day was a diaper changing nightmare. Augh! *shakes head* That kid!)
Jed threw the Pound-Purry at me. "Diaper!" All right, she gets a diaper! A huge grin cracked his apple-red cheeks when I threw the fluorescent-green-diaper clad Cat back at him. He tossed the glo-yellow frog at me and I politely threw it back with a purple diaper. Next came the Baby and she got a light green bottom covering. "Ok, now that they have their diapers on it's your turn!" He looked at the line of animals, then patted his bottom, trotted over and lay down for his own change. Ah, peer pressure, the Toddler Mother's Friend.


Brooke said...

I gave Hannah a spoonful or two of pureed prunes when she was little. Never, EVER again will I feed a diapered child prunes!!!

Mommy Bee said...

That's quite amusing. Bear hasn't got me diapering his toys yet, but then again his tigger has a tail and his bear, well, I don't know, I guess he's just never thought of it.
Of course, he runs around nakey bum half the time himself--he's becoming a very proficient potty-user. :)

Jan said...

I can honestly say I never diapered an animal. A brilliant moment!

NessaAnn said...

Two thoughts:
1. I figure the prunes equal out the bananas for which he is eternally languishing, so the bowel movements remain harmonious.
2. The tails just stick out. Ugly, would never work on a REAL cat, but Jed loves it nonetheless. The best one is actually his tiny little baby doll with a HUGE toddler diaper on it... covers her entire legs. hilarious!

Tarzan said...

Haha! I love it!