Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Jed's got his 2 year molars coming in and we all hail the day when his teeth will all be in their proper locations and no longer making our lives miserable. In the meantime, we've had a few funny moments.
A week or so ago we had a particularly bad day. In his most cranky, classically-almost-2-year-old style, he insisted in wailing tones that EVERY SINGLE DIAPER BE PLACED UPON MY TUCKUS AT ONCE. Mother obligingly agreed and the result was really quite comic. I made a dash for the back room to get Michael's camera, shoved the nearest card in, and ran back in hopes to catch him before this all went south (which it clearly was going to do...)
Unfortunately, I was too slow. What was once all fun and giggles had turned to torture in a toddler flash. But I did catch this classic moment as my child tries to disrobe himself of a half dozen cloth diapers while standing and wailing, siren-like about the ABUSE HIS MOTHER INFLICTS UPON HIM.



Brooke said...

I hear you on the teething! Leah has all 4 canines trying to poke through and all 4 1st molars just came through a few weeks ago. We have been sleeping poorly... and she recently found the pacifiers (which she totally rejected as a newborn), and she is constantly chewing/sucking on one. She won't even let me look in her mouth to see if they are almost in!
Classic picture by the way, lol!!

Jodi said...

Oh to have a toddler! I have forgotten the worst I am sure now that my oldest is almost 4, but I am sure my 12 month old will be gearing up soon and I am sure I don't even remember half of it! Don't worry, it will pass, eventually!

Jan said...

Love, love all the pictures. Keep them coming. There is a very fine line between fun and frustration.