Friday, January 23, 2009

Stanfill Bowls


Mike and Emily said...

Yes, that's my bum demonstrating the granny shot. And still I got, what, 36?

chelseanator said...

Whoa!!! I kept checking for awhile to see if you posted but then gave up on account of the holidays and everything and just finally checked tonight!!! WOWOWOWOW!! Huge Congrats on #2!!! That is so exciting. I was starting to really wonder as I read the posts backwards and yes, too because of your lack of blogging-but that is certainly OKAY!!! I'm very excited for you all. Does that mean you are due like in June or July? I hope you are feeling better too.

From all of the posts and photos it looks like you guys have had a blast w/ all of your family that last 2 months. That is awesome. I'm so glad you got to come West for Christmas too! That really is the best. I'm glad Jed is such a great helper too, wow he is growing fast. Hang in there w/ all of the changes, just think you've got another BABY on the way to get to start all over w/ again. And believe me, if you can handle two you can handle anything...I think :] But what do I know I'm just an Auntie that babysits a lot :] Best of wishes! All of the photos and postings where delightful!

Love, Chelseaaaah
p.s we recieved your family's card back in december about my grandpa and it was very touching and so nice. thank you sooo much for doing that :] its a really hard thing. but we have been so blessed by our wonderful friends and family!