Friday, July 31, 2009


Michael blessed Baby Zoe this past Sunday. She wore the beautiful dress that I wore when blessed and sealed to my parents. My whole life I've loved to hear my mother tell about when the temple ladies brought me down to the sealing room in my long lacy dress, and how I looked like a little angel floating down the hall of the Salt Lake Temple. To see my own sweet babe, in that same dress and bonnet, clasped in her Daddy's arms brought tears to my eyes. My mom helped me dress her, just as she once dressed me. Michael gave her the most lovely blessing, and with my Zoe surrounded by good, loving Priesthood men, my own father and Michael's among them, I thought my heart would overflow with happiness. Truly we are the most blessed of all families!


Heather said...

It was lovely. :) And LOVE the dress! You wear it very well.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wagstaff said...

The picture of you and Zoe is absolutely beautiful. You are one hot mama and she is a beautiful little girl!

HENIA said...

How sweet how beautiful....thank you for sharing such a special moment...lov to all