Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Zoe - Pt. 4

Zoe's hands are long, long and lean. At first touch, they felt almost like an old woman's hands, just translucent skin loosely stretched over fragile bones, nearly see through. We called her long, long skinny purple feet "paddles" just like her Grandma Stanfills. Those pointy little feet with their pointy little heels felt very familiar to me. Remember the bag of pencils jabbing me in the side? Yah, I was SO RIGHT! Dark fur covers her pinky ears. Her lips form a perfect rosebud. Her mouth opens wide to squawk, a small jerking demanding yelp, then later a round-mouthed desperate cry around a crescent tongue. Her neck is strong. She lifts her head to look suspiciously around. She darts her eyes back and forth, looking, calculating, before they snap shut again. With a grunt and a chuckle, her head falls back into repose.

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