Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Zoe - Pt. 2

From the moment of his birth, Jed was all wondering eyes, craning his head to seek the light. Zoe, on the other hand, didn't seem quite ready for that much world. Her eyes tightly shut, the first day or two we weren't even sure she had eyes, let alone what color they might be. When she did grace us with a glance, one eye only would peep open for a split second, then squeeze shut again, resisting our pleas for a second look. We've named her out little Pirate Princess, since her left eye might as well be patched away. Her eyes will be brown.


Brooke said...

Isn't it fascinating how different siblings can be? Hannah was not an alert baby during her first month. Even when we got pictures with her eyes open, they were glazed over. Elijah on the other hand was super alert from the moment he was born... Leah was somewhere in the middle (as in most things it seems).

Zoe looked so tiny in her gown today! When you walked in with her on your shoulder, she looked like a baby doll :)

Tasha and Doug said...

We were excited to catch a glimpse of Zoe today. She looks so precious. Quinn said she looks cute in her pictures on the blog. But he would like to see her in person to see just how cute she is!

Carrie said...

cute! Maybe she's just trying to hold on to those pre earth memories. That's tough business!

Shannon said...

It will be fun to hear how they are also different because of gender, but it's fun to see from the moment they arrive that they have unique little spirits. She's a sweet little girl! Have I mentioned that I like her name?

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