Monday, March 8, 2010


I felt like I should write an update for our family's history. Then I couldn't think of much to say. Mostly, there's lots and lots and lots of snot around here of late. Bless my nose sucker, the greatest toy a mother could have.

Also (oh, this IS exciting!) Zoe pulled herself up and stood, all by herself today. First time! Turned out she was pooping and rather spectacularly, too, but it still counted.

Um, also we like cookies. A lot. By the dozen.

And now, since it is the legitimate hour of 9:00 PM, I think I'll head for bed.


Mike and Emily said...

Wow! She is one smart cookie! And I like cookies too! What kinds are you making these days?

MomAlicia said...

Standing to poop.....Wouldn't Freud have a hayday with that one?! Hmmmmm.