Monday, March 1, 2010


Michael and I like to text one another during the day. If only there was some way to preserve them, since they are the most true-to-life record of our daily living. Here's a sample from today, remarkable only in its every-dayness:

M - Hi! Love you! Boss out sick. It's really quiet today...
V - Nice! Zoe is super fussy today. I have her on my back. Teeth, maybe?
M - Who knows... Teeth? Belly? Development/Growth Spurt?
V - Doesn't seem like belly.
M - I'm sorry she's fussy. That is no good. Maybe she misses her Daddy and is forlorn because of his absence. ;-)
V - No, that's me. :)
M - I miss you too. I love you to pieces...
V - Hm. I had forgotten how hard it is to sweep your kitchen when there's a crawling kid what a garbage fetish underfoot.
M - Yeah.... it doesn't seem like she has figured out that there is a lot of edible stuff on the carpet, but she'll figure it out... eek!
V - Oh she figured. Already vacuumed today.
M - Wait, you vacuumed or she did? ;-p
V - Both.
M - Ewwwwwwwe.
V - Zoe thinks her brother is SO funny!


Brooke said...

Zoe has the sweetest little laugh!! I think she might be the happiest baby ever :)

Mike and Emily said...

SOOO cute! You should write the texts down. They're sweet.

Carrie said...

Fun texts! You have such cute kids!