Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Party

We had a perfectly lovely little party for Zoe last night. Jed and I made a heart strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries (Zoe's favorite) piled high on top.

We invited Grandma and Grandpa over, ate Zoe's favorite sausage tacos, her favorite watermelon, salad with beans (her favorite) and fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden.

We blew up five balloons, with a pink one for Zoe and a big green one for Jed. He loved having all the cameras out.

Jed wanted to make Zoe his own gift, so he decorated a little pink crown for the birthday girl.

She got a few darling little gifts from her grandparents and a big bag of blocks from Mommy and Daddy.

Everything was just right for our Perfect Little Princess.

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Heather said...

What a beautiful cake! :)