Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Face Full of Froth
A gift for Zoe Ann from her Auntie Annie

What is this fluffy stuff?
that is soft to the touch?

I stick my finger in it
To feel what it's like.
It tastes like sunshine,
and it is soo light.

My taste buds tingle,
they polka, they dance!
Can I have some more
of this goodness perchance?

What is the name
of the delicious delight?
It's colored, and frothy
and is of angel's light!

This is called frosting?
I want some more!
Quick! check the cabinets,
the fridge and the drawers!

No more frosting?
Is that what you said?
That's not possible,
Or I will be dead!

I put my hands to my face
to wipe away my tears,
Instead I feel my
froth covered ears.

Leftovers of frosting!
I can at last eat some more!
Nothing like birthday cake
Right off the floor!


Nikol said...

that's cute!

T said...

Is there any art that Annie isn't amazing at? Poetry, painting, music! What a blessing to have in your family.