Friday, July 16, 2010

Youth Conference, Conclusion

We visited Carthage Jail, where Joseph Smith Jr. was killed. This is one of the great sacred spaces of our religion.

The window where he fell when he died.
A senior missionary tells the story.
So many beautiful young people listen, intent and quiet.

Afterwards we lightened up the mood a bit by playing charades. This photo has won particular acclaim on Facebook of late:
Oh my gosh aren't they unbelievably adorable? I have the hottest man in town for my mate, WHOOEEE! I picked him for his good looks AND charm, girls!
Here's a classic of Cody Sims and Ethan:
And, to be fair, one of myself. I believe this was the Zombie Birthday Party, which Hannah and I carried off with particular flair.

Nauvoo was hot, as always, and unbelievably wonderful, as always. A place where smiles and song greet you at every door. A place where everyone loves and lives life to the fullest.

Youth conference proved a real challenge for our family, but the opportunity for consecration has made my spiritual cup run over with blessings. I learned to really love those kids, and my testimony of the gospel of Christ has grown more deeper and more real. My scripture study has felt more meaningful, and my vision of how I want my children to be raised more clear. What a joy!

Farewell, Nauvoo, sanctified place where so many sacred moments have shaped my life!

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Kristi said...

i love Nauvoo. glad you got to go take the youth there!