Thursday, July 15, 2010

Youth Conference Cont'd

Here is our darling little family in Nauvoo:
Courtney, Emma, Andrew, Hannah, Logan, Ethan, Adam, Tyler, Kara, and Maria. And of course our little Zoe Ann. We sure learned to love those kids.

Here are a few shots from the Family Living Center, where we learned about traditional pioneer crafts. The girls learn about candle making:
I really want to make a rug like this. Isn't it beautiful? And made on a wagon wheel!
The boys learning something manly. Rope making, maybe?
Bro. Edwards, it turns out, knows all about pottery. Who knew?
Girls learning about carding and weaving cloth:
Ah, HERE is the rope making. OK I have no idea what that last boy one was. Barrels?

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