Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bike Riding

For his birthday, I got Jed a hand-me-down big-boy with training wheels. ("A brand new shiny blue bike of my own!" he regularly exclaims and I don't bother to correct him that it is in fact a rather worn, slightly dirty but perfectly serviceable bike for a little boy :) This week the weather has been gorgeous, in the 60s or so nearly every day, and so we've been taking the bike out every afternoon. I push Zoe on the trike and Jed practices riding up and down the street. He has improved immensely even after just a few day's practice. I will say he takes after his mother's talent and fairly regular tumbles into the neighbor's bushes and lawn, but he always laughs and picks it up and gets right back on. That's my boy.

Zoe did not approve of my plan to stop pushing her so I could use the camera, and thus this is as good as I could get of her.


Anonymous said...

He's much more coordinated than you were. You were not this good at 5 1/2. xoxoxo Z

NessaAnn said...

Oh, that will make Michael so pleased :) I think you wouldn't be quite so impressed if you saw how many times he fell down. HA!