Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our First Birthday Party

Last week, I had the brilliant idea to have Jed's birthday party directly following preschool, which I thought would be so convenient. I planned to have pigs in blankets, fruit with yogurt dip, and cupcakes, which would be easy. I planned to blow up a few balloons and call it a party. Everything would be easy and perfect.


About the time I had Jed's 6 sweet little friends and their 7,952 family members gathered around my tiny dining room table, a half gallon of koolaid splattered across my carpet, walls, and ceiling, four children crying, one bleeding, two needing fresh clothing, numerous others clamoring that they were STARVING (at 11:something AM) and several dozen others (it seemed) running and screaming, the walls started closing in around me and I decided we will probably never have another birthday party because family parties are the BEST!

(This is, I might add, no one who attended the party's fault, it was just the perfect storm of too many kids cooped up inside for too long, gathered in far too small a space.)

Fortunately, Jed had the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER and he ran rosy-cheeked and joyful the entire time, so I suppose it was all worth it. Thank goodness the other two have summer birthdays. We have a nice big yard. Now I just need the weather to warm up enough to clean my carpet, and I need to dig out a ladder so I can get that orange spot off the ceiling.


Brooke said...

Now you know why people PAY good money to have a party away from their house!!
You probably need to cozy up to the idea of having a half birthday party for Jeddy-boy. He can have a family birthday and a friend HALF-birthday :)

Clark and Kelsie said...

Awww, sweet boy is getting too big too fast!!! Tell him happy (late) birthday from Uncle Clark and Aunt Kelsie! We sure do love and miss you all!

Carrie said...

So crazy! I've never been one to be able to throw great parties. You're great to even attempt it. Good luck with the clean up. I like the half birthday party idea with friends.


I'd like to publicly apologize for having two of the crying children that attended said party. One, who can't stand the thought of wearing wet clothing, especially covered in sticky, delicious koolaid, and the other who may or may not have been tormented by another party guest.

However, Hannah ADORES Jed and is so lucky to have him as a buddy. We hope Jed had a happy, calm birthday celebration with his family.

P.S. Please let me come help you clean your orange ceiling.

Jean said...

Come on, no pictures?:)

C Tam said...

My little guy has a winter birthday too. You are scaring me. But I appreciate the friendly tips from above commenters. =)