Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Family Birthday

Jed, Me, Mom and Eric all have birthdays at the end of January/beginning of February. So instead of coming out for Christmas, my family came out for BIRTHDAY WEEK!
Jed and I started the tradition of birthday crowns this year. Somehow wearing a crown makes the event so much more special.

You may be wondering "Why is everyone wearing their pajamas at this party?" Well, Granny ended up getting an upset stomach Saturday night when the party was originally planned to occur. We had plans for Sunday evening, and Dad and Eric were leaving Monday afternoon. So, naturally, we had a breakfast party before church. That's right, folks, German Chocolate Dirtpile Cake for breakfast. I know, I know, you all wish you were part of our family.

Eric is such an attractive man. But this is the best we could do. He doesn't make it easy on the camera man. Mom is laying bets that the photo above ends up being his facebook profile.

Below, you can see the massive Dirt Pile Cake, adorned with roads and machinery and an assortment of motor vehicles. Also, you may notice that the helicopter's rotor is melting. Whoops! I got a little enthusiastic with the candles.

When Jed saw the photo below, he cooed and said "Oohhhhh, Zoe loves her Granny!" It's true, she does! Here are the two namesakes getting in a snuggle.


Anonymous said...

THAT is one FANTASTIC cake. Truly a piece of art!
Love Aunt,
p.s. I wish I could have been there!

Ali Howell said...

Oh happy, happy birthday everybody!!! How i miss that bunch...seeing this makes me want to be there...maybe the next time they head this way we could make a date, i'd love to be back in the presence of the dowdle clan not to mention all of the new little stanfills since I was last with you and your fam!!!

Nikol said...

love it! (all of it!)