Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Backyard Picnic

Jed and I are kind of crazy about picnics. We had a picnic twice this particular day--one for lunch, one for dinner. Because one just wasn't enough. And we didn't want dad to miss out. And it was such a beautiful evening. And the blanket was already there on the grass, beckoning to us in the golden evening sun.

Zoe peeks over the top of the slide.
Dad is home!

Jed loves nothing so much as the the whole family gathered together. And it's even better when we're all outside eating for dinner! "MMmmmmm, I LOVE hummus wraps!" he declared.. (Much to his mother's delight, though I think the love of the hummus stemmed directly from the love of the atmosphere.)
Zoe tackles Mom

Oh dear. Everybody on!

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Carrie said...

Fun picnic! I recognize that blanket! We have one very similar... good old Grandma T.