Saturday, April 23, 2011

A few moments collected

A couple nights ago Zoe woke up about 3 AM. When I went to get her, I saw her room door was open and the crying was clearly coming from down the hall. I found her laying on the dining room floor, spread-eagled belly down, special blanket clutched beneath her, sobbing because she was lost. I picked her up and wrapped the blanket around her, carried her back to her little bed and laid down beside her. In a moment, her sobs stopped and she fell quietly asleep, my fingers clutched in hers.

For a long time, Jed was committed to being a waiter in a restaurant when he grows up, just like Uncle Eric. “I want to serve people,” he said. Then several months ago, he changed his mind and he wanted to be a dump truck driver, and Uncle Eric and Zoe could drive trucks with him and it would be really fun. Today, however, announced that he didn't want to be a dump truck driver anymore. “That would be too much work.” Instead, he wants to be a teacher. Who would he teach? Daddy. What would he teach Dad? “I will teach him all about race tracks. I will be a RACE CAR TEACHER!” he announced, eyes all aglow.

Last night at dinner, Zoe was scooping up ketchup and eating it off a pickle slice. I thought she must be pregnant. “Ew.” said Michael. “That looks YUMMY!” exclaimed Jed.

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Mike and Emily said...

Love these little moments.