Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the backyard

We've been enjoying our backyard so much this week. It's turning into a little kid paradise, with new playset, dirt pile, chickens, and sandbox to play in. The kids run outside the moment they're allowed and I have to bribe them back in to eat. Yesterday a few friends came over for a picnic, the weather was perfect, trees blossoming, kids running and playing, the food was tasty, and it felt like heaven.


Elise said...

This is awesome. We are trying to get our backyard livable. Which brings me to chickens. We want chickens. But the poop. Do they just do it everywhere? I guess this is only a concern if yours are free roaming. Are they?

Nikol said...

Sounds heavenly! I love turtle sandboxes!

Ben said...

Our kids played with the turtle sandbox twice, then the sand dried up and they didn't enjoy it anymore.