Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tuesday Morning

Just another morning at our house.  Zoe and I were just getting over a little intestinal bug, and Michael had just come down with it so everyone was home together, and the kids LOVED having daddy home for the day!
Breakfast is nearly always some variation on eggs, smoothie, and toast.  Here Jed and Zoe are hiding underneath the little bar, waiting for mom to finish breakfast because Zoe was "Hong-ee!"
During breakfast I got out my clipboard with my planning for the day. Thanks to my mother's diligent instruction on "time management" as a child, I am almost compulsive about my daily lists. (Thanks, Mom!) I've been through many different methods, but a couple years ago my friend Tessie gave a lesson on prioritizing based on this training, and I have used it every day since. (Thanks, Tessie!) I also try to have a weekly planner at the back of my clipboard so I can see what's going on. So, anyway, when I pulled out my list, here is what I found on yesterday's list:
And here's what I found on the blank page I'd put out for today:
These little drawings that pepper my papers (and occasionally, but hopefully no longer, my furniture) make me smile every time. Everyone in Jed's world is so happy. Anyone with sticky-up hair is male (like dad) and everyone with smoothed down hair is female (like mom.)  Also, lots of cars.  The word "bad" is supposed to be "dad" and you can see where Jed has labeled his own handprint.
After breakfast and planning we have a little devotional. I want to start doing some simple kindergarten homeschooling with Jed in the fall, and over the summer I am slowly building it into this post-breakfast time. Ever day we work on our memorization scripture for the month (I hope to move to weekly in the fall), read some scriptures (just hit 200 pages in the Book of Mormon this year!), sing our song of the week, then sing a few more songs we like, discuss our manners/behavior topic for the week, carry over our dishes, and then do our "morning chores" before we can go run and play for the day.  Here are the kids doing a little drawing right after the devotional while I clean up the dishes.
And you can imagine where they ran as soon as those chores were done!

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