Thursday, June 2, 2011

Washington D.C. - The Engagements

I promised to share our Michael's engagements for the marvelous Amanda and Dustin. This is a small sampling, you can see the full set here.

What the set doesn't show is that it was absolutely pouring the entire time. Michael, the camera, the fiances and their helper-friend Jenn were soaked to the bone, and yet they all still look fabulous! Meanwhile, my dear mission friend Melanie took me and my two soggy, still pajama'd children in, for which I am truly grateful. She and her two darling little girls entertained us while her husband made us an awesome breakfast. We had such a lovely time visiting with them, and our visit made the perfect ending to our visit in D.C.

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Cassie said...

He takes such beautiful pictures! My favorite is the B&W one where they are walking away from the camera holding their umbrellas.