Thursday, April 5, 2012


 I recently reorganized the bathroom cabinets and now Jed and Zoe have their very own drawer.  Which means that now Zoe's frills and furbelows are all ready at hand for any moment when she feels the need to be beautified.  Jed is always happy to oblige as her fashion consultant and facilitator. As you can see, here he was making a few final adjustments for the camera.
 Ah, that's better. As you can see, she is wearing ALL her adornments at once, which made them both beam with pride.  Later that day when we went out, she turned heads among all the old folks at Aldi.  Who wouldn't be turned by this little head?
A side view
And one little adornment for the handsome boy. "That's all, mom, just a ring for me."


Katie said...

I love that you let her out. You are a fabulous Mama!

Jean said...

Aaah, that sure gives me happy memories of Elizabeth. Thanks.