Thursday, April 12, 2012


So on Sunday, after a flurried and blurry Easter morning wherein we had to be at church early and somehow getting up early is never early enough, we made it on time for choir rehearsal and then settled into our usual pew.  Towards the end of the meeting, Zoe crept up to me and then whispered loudly, "MOM, I have to go POTTY!"  I took her out.  When we got to the bathroom in the nursery ("I love this potty, this potty is just the right size for me!") I pulled up her fluffy sequined pink dress and pulled down her white tights to find... nothing underneath?  What?!  My little girl was goin' commando underneath her sheer patterned tights.  What a lovely Easter treat.  Thank goodness I had yanked a slightly-matching set of bloomers (and by matching I mean "not really but there was some pink on them and we were in a hurry") over the top before we left.  Clearly I should have taken a little more time and observation, but at least the cutest bum in town was modestly hidden from view during the last two hours of church.

After church, on our way home, I asked Michael if he had put her tights on.  "Nope."  Me either.  Well, I guess that solves that mystery.  Little Miss "I-do-myself" had taken things into her own hands.

We got home and I ordered the kids to go strip their church clothes off and put them on their beds, then get dressed for lunch.  Jed, in the midst of a long monologue that simply couldn't be interrupted, started to pull his suit off right there in the living room. He looked so handsome in his suit, I thought to myself. Then he unbuttoned his pants and... we all saw there was nothing underneath.  That's right, NOTHING.


When I asked Jed where his underwear was, he said he couldn't find it when he got dressed.  I saw one clean pair sitting on the couch, and another on his bed later that day (right next to Zoe's) so I would just like to say, it was NOT my fault.


Clark & Kelsie said...

Sounds Stanfill to me? Hahaha jk! But I could just see Clark or Michael doing something like this when they were younger! How funny!!!!! I can't wait to see your little kiddies this summer! EEEKK!

Jen said...

That is so funny!!!

Mike and Emily said...

Just admit that you all went commando! Just kiddin...