Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scary Spray Paint

Jed creeps into the hallway approximately 10 minutes after being put to bed. Michael wasn't too pleased to see him.
"Jed, you haven't even been in bed long enough to have a bad dream."
"Yes I have!  I had a bad dream!"
"Well tell me about it."
"No, it's too scary"
"If you tell me about it, it will go away."
"I had a dream... that somebody had some spray... that turned people and things green!"
Michael attempts to restrain his laughter.
"Hm. OK give me a hug and kiss and go to bed."
"Where's Mom?"
"Putting Zane to bed, go to bed."
"My nose is running."
"Get a tissue."
And then he left.

1 comment:

Mike and Emily said...

Maybe it was booger spray....that would scare me too.