Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3 Kids

 This little one is soft and fat and strong.  At ten months old, he sleeps beautifully, still doesn't crawl, and has no teeth.  In other words, he is the best baby ever.  He sits on the floor with his toys and beams happily at the world all day long.
 This handsome young man loves his dad more than anyone (but he still runs over to give Mom hugs occasionally so I don't feel left out.) His imagination runs wild, as does his mouth, all day, every day.
This little girl is "big!"  Last night she laid down on the floor and stretched herself out as long as she could.  "Look, Mom, I TALL!"


Clark & Kelsie said...

I am so excited to see you ALL, I can hardly even stand it!!!!!!

Eric Dowdle said...

Zoe looks like quite a bit like granny in that picture

Tysha said...

They are all so sweet/handsome/adorable :) You give me hope that three will be thrice the fun (and not JUST crazy!) I always love a new photography subject, too :)