Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picnic Table

It's a good thing Michael made our picnic table extra, extra long. Because we filled it all the way up today!

Our friends the Monroes came over for most of the day, and then Sophia and her mom joined us for lunch. I'm so glad the weather was beautiful, because there is no way I could have crammed that many people in my tiny dining room around my tiny table!

I was a little worried about entertaining a big passel o' kids all day, but it turned out great.  The boys played cars and blocks for an hour or so in the beginning, and then spent the rest of the day outside running in the sprinkler, playing balls, and loving up the chickens. I failed to consider sunscreen, so, um, sorry burned white children. Zane took a nice long nap, bless his little soul, and loved all the big boys around to entertain him.

Turns out Kaden really loves our chickens, especially Michael's little Buff Orpington, Halcyon. He ended up holding all the chickens at one point or another, but I think Halcyon is his best chicken friend now. Here they are hanging out in the carport:
She sat quietly in his lap like that for literally hours. We decided that he is the Chicken Whisperer!

We finished off the day playing games inside.  The only thing I need to work on is having more snacks around, since all those growing kids are, um, extremely hungry all the time. Ha! I was so glad Stacy was here just to help me cram enough foods in their mouths whenever they came up, "starving" since they hadn't eaten in ten minutes.  (rolls eyes.)  And here I thought it was just my kids who were hungry all the time.

Love these fun summer days with friends.

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