Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous

We hopped in our local time machine and took a trip back to the Revolutionary war!  We landed right in the midst of a raging battle, the battle that determined whether the Americans or British could lay claim to the Western United States!

Zoe very much disapproved of their muskets and cannons.  "IS LOUD!"
Jed, you can see, also plugging his ears. Can you see how much fun the kids were having?  Don't worry, though, because MOM was having a blast.  Which is the important thing. Even though it was the first week of June, temperatures were in the high 90s and we were hot, hot, hot!  On the way up, we stopped and grabbed an umbrella which was a lifesaver.

The local military band came through while we were watching the Revolutionary era juggling show. In the background you can see a little 1700s market full of period costumes and foods and wares housed in period tents.  Nearby, a military encampment where the reenactors stay for the week in old fashioned everything.  So awesome.  Me Homeschooler Geek OUT!
We visited the Rotunda at the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park.  We had never even heard of it before, but the lady at the Rendezvous entrance recommended it to me.  We worried we wouldn't find it, but turns out a gigantic monument is pretty easy to find in a small town.
The inside is breathtakingly beautiful.  Also, air conditioned.  The walls are full of old murals depicting the Continental Army's victory in Vincennes and surrounding area.  Did I mentioned it was air conditioned? We took the audio tour several times just for (cool) kicks. Loved it.
But the best part, naturally, was the food.  YUM!


Jean said...

Are you consuming a human limb left on the battlefield?

Anonymous said...

that is a turkey leg!