Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday

One of Jed's favorite books is "Cake Soup" by Richard Scarry.  A few weeks ago he set upon the idea of making his own "Cake Soup" just like the book.  When we were shopping that day, we bought all the ingredients and that afternoon we made the cake!  Complete with cake mix, eggs, oil, orange juice and CANDY!  We made a little 6 inch cake together and frosted it that afternoon.
Jed asked me if he could hide the cake in his room, which I thought was fine.  One thing led to another and after many trips into the kitchen for this and that, taken and put to some mysterious use in his bedroom, this is what Jed finally led me in to find:

A surprise birthday party for DAD!
 Yay for parties!  This one was replete with decorations, balloons, cards, surprises, and of course, CAKE.
 Also a cute baby.

Jed carefully cut and served the cake, which he entirely frosted and decorated himself.

 He also had a big box of presents for dad - colorful paper airplanes Jed folded himself.
Every dad deserves a Thursday afternoon post-work party like this.
 Another superfluous baby photo because I can.

 Just to catch the wonder of nature, here is Jed unlatching his jaw like a snake, so as to fit in the maximual amount of cake in one humongous bite.

 Playing "Toss the Balloon" with Dad.  Pretty much the best game ever.

Happy Unbirthday Dad!

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