Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bruised and Bloodied

My poor bruised and bloody child.

One day this past week, poor Jed managed to fall down the front concrete stairs, thereby giving himself a bloody nose, rasberry abrasion beneath his nose, and blackened right eye. Several hours later he fell in some other fashion and split his lip. In that miraculous toddler style, he bounced back from both with his usual cheery aplomb, soon tottering around the house with that awkward little gait and happy mumbles.

He manages to fall in some spectacular form or fashion every day and now the blood and bruises fade into one another... sometimes I can't quite tell where he's hit because there are already so many bruises on his poor little noggin. The unfortunate child definitely inherited his mother's coordination, and could probably use prayers on his behalf so that he will survive to adulthood. (I mention this wincing, recalling all those falls down the stairs before seminary... the black eyes from running into doors in a darkened house... the massive bruising of body and ego.... those teenage years really weren't the best of times for my physical prowess.)

Anyway, today we were over at the in-laws and enjoying a round or two of Wii Bowling, which is hardly the most strenuous of sports. I was trying to raise my Mii sports score, which, in a manner remarkably accurate in its assessment of my athletic ability, has rated me a solid zero on the "pro" sporting graph. Somehow I thought things would change in the virtual world.

So, there I am, bowling like crazy to get enough points to retain my tattered pride and I raise my hand back to let rip yet another spare when.... *BONK* my fantastic follow through manages to conk my wandering one year old right in the forehead. He went down, I went down, and we all sobbed in hilarity and sorrow as yet another abrasion was added to the collection. Yes, in the most tame of tame virtual sports, a game that has almost literally NO MOVEMENT and can be played sitting down, I still manage to injure myself and poor innocent babe. Oh, it was awful!


Tom and Renee said...

If it makes you feel better-we have bonked our kids playing WII Bowling and I'm sure it will happen again. Even when my dear daughter was just an infant and was being held by one of my brother in laws she got bonked in the noggin' while he was playing WII Bowling. Don't worry you haven't earned the Worst Mother of the World award - that one still belongs to me for not putting socks on my daughter!

Brooke said...

Poor baby!! I watched Elijah cartwheel down the stairs (no hands of course). I knew it was going to happen, but I couldn't get there in time to stop it...
Leah had a black eye before she could even sit up on her own because I let Hannah push her around the house in the Bumbo seat... bad idea! It snagged on an uneven part of the hardwood floor and out she tumbled.
My inlaws allowed this to happen to Hannah
So, don't feel too bad :)

NessaAnn said...

Well, you both do make me feel better. Michael was sure that after I posted that the CPS would be after us. Brooke, I know I shouldn't, but I couldn't help but laugh at that photo. Poor darling! But what a fantastic moment to have preserved forever! hahahahahahahaha!

Renee, I think he has a half-black eye today! Augh! I'm glad we aren't hte only dangerous Wii bowlers in town.

a Tom said...

Don't you people own a camera or something?

MKShelley said...

I probably shouldn't be laughing as hard as this, but I am!