Thursday, June 26, 2008

I already knew this

I always said that Evansville was a true destination spot. Come on down and have a whiff!

From the Courier Press:

Sweatin' in Evansville: Top 100 sweaty cities

Evansville ranks among the top 100 sweatiest cities in the United States.

Evansville is number 47 on the fifth annual study done by Old Spice.

The list is based on how much sweat could be produced if the entire population of a city walked around for an hour on a typical summer day.

Louisville's ranked 35, Indianapolis is 57, and Springfield, Illinois is 63.

Number one is Phoenix, Arizona.


Chelsea said...

Oh my gosh! You crack me up! Your other "famous" post and this one are just too much!!! Wow! :] The things we find out, got to love it!

Love, Chelsea

Shiloh said...

I think I'm gonna cry! Any sweat provention advice???