Sunday, June 1, 2008



Ali Howell said...

Of all the pictures...i think this is one of my favorites...sleeves rolled up, ready to start in on fixing the car! What a darling boy!!!

Elise said...

This is adorable, Vanessa. Did you do this?

NessaAnn said...

No! It was all Jed! His dad was out changing the oil, and as soon as Jed saw that he made a beeline for the tools and the car. I wish I'd got a picture of him crawling around underneath with the tools, it was hilarious. He is ALL BOY.

As a side note, Elise, thank you for the nice compliments on my writing. It means a lot to me coming from the funniest blogging mom on the internet. And Ali, I love to hear from you! I miss you!