Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding photos

Being back at the Salt Lake Temple for Claire's wedding brought up so many lovely memories of our own sealing there. Is there any more beautiful building on earth? To be gathered there in the sealing room, surrounded by only close friends and family, all of whom share the hopes, values, and righteous desires of the soon-to-be-married couple, is a powerful thing. I'd never realized before how much overwhelming power gathers in a sacred place where all are unified in experience, covenants, and love. Watching Claire kneel at the altar, I felt my own sealing, my sealing to my parents, so many of my grandparents sealed there, Michael's parents and grandparents, my own child, all gathered and present in one collective, joyful, meaningful experience. What a blessing to us and to the beloved couple! What spiritually uplifting power there is in temple worship!


Bethany said...

Beautiful pics! Im sure Claire and Joel will totally love your work. How did all the shooting go? Thanks again for fitting us into your guys' busy schedule when you came out. It really meant a lot to see you guys again. You are such dear friends. Now its our turn to see when we can make it to your neck of the woods.

Bethany said...

Oh wait one more comment.... remember when we accidentally ran into you in the temple seconds before you were to get sealed? It was so fun to see you two so excited and in love on your big day. what a great memory.