Monday, June 30, 2008

Photos from our trip

On the plane. Jed was SO GOOD this trip. On the way home he slept 4 out of the 5 hours we flew. I slept 3. :c) We were all tuckered out after so much partying!

Grandpa Dowdle created a monster when he started giving Jed rides on his bike. Eventually it got to the point that every time we let the kid out the door he'd run for the carport and try to hop on the bike himself before anyone noticed. Fortunately, he's still a little short for solo bike riding.

While we were there, we attended a book signing for Grandpa Taylor's book he wrote about his experiences in WWII. Grandma was there to graceful entrap any innocent bystanders and sweetly coerce them into a purchase. :c) She is SOOOO good at it. Every person she talked to bought one while we were there. The store sold out and they sold a couple stacks of their own they had brought.
Here are the Taylor womenfolk hanging laundry. Beautiful!
You may notice few photos of the Dowdle clan. There is reason for this. When we got home, we realized that every single photo of my family involved someone in either their underwear or nightgown... suggesting that perhaps our family never seems to be fully dressed... which isn't really all that surprising given the past popularity of "The Underwear Club" in our household.


Ruth said...

Your little one is so cute. It looks like you had fun on your trip. Being in the temple at a sealing is great. My sis is being sealed in the Nauvoo Temple to her sweetheart this summer and I can't wait. I just love going to the temple for that. There's nothing like that spirit.

Tania said...

I love hanging out laundry to dry. It's the only way we did it growing up. I wish I could more here - it's so humid, stuff takes days to dry - and often just goes moldy. Nice.

Eric Dowdle said...

I vote for more underwear club