Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicken Dinner

These are the little chicks I made for the kids' Easter basket. I had so much fun sewing them up! They also got a few little toys (bouncy balls, balloons) and mango/blueberry dried fruit in their eggs. Michael's basket was the best, though, I got him a huge basket full of all kinds of fancy cheeses that I'd picked up a few weeks earlier. He's been eating baby-bells with an expression of pure bliss every day for weeks now. I think I hit the "best wife ever" jackpot with that one :) Michael got me a beautiful potted calla lily and some nice new spatulas (sorely needed and very much appreciated.) We had such a lovely Easter morning together!

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Becky said...

Oh my goodness your little chickens came out so cute!! I bet the kids loved them!