Monday, May 30, 2011

Early Home Education

Overheard during bedtime tonight:

Michael (Reading to Jed in bed): This is the Le Mans Race, one of the most famous races of all. It is twenty four whole hours of racing! (incomprehensible muttered discussion)

Michael: .... OK, this one is a Bugatti, can you say Bugatti?

Jed: (Muffled response)

Michael: That's pretty good. Now this one is a Ferrari. Try that one. Can you say it?

Jed: (Again, indistinct)

Michael: That's close. Try again. (pause) Much better! OK, do you know Jaguar? (pause, muttering) Yeah, you've got that one! Do you know, what's this one? (muffled response) Mini-Cooper, that's right!


I'm so glad that my husband is seeing to Jed's proper Stanfill-man education. Isn't homeschooling great?


Heather said...

Yes, yes it is great! Who says Bugattis shouldn't be included in all preschool classrooms? My own children critique logos all over town. All learning is important.

RandomGuy said...

Haha, got get to "Aventador", "Murcialago", "Gallardo", "Competizione" or "Koenigsegg" but sticking with Ferrari, Bugatti and Jag would be best for a bit…

I still don't think I say the Alpha's name right…